Vitamins in Pregnancy

Pregnancy places extra demands on the vitamin and mineral stores of all pregnant women. It is important that all pregnant women adhere as much as possible to maintaining a good and varied diet.

Even in the best of circumstances, the demands of the pregnancy will not be met by the patient dietary intake and supplements will be required.

It is essential that all pregnant patients must take a pregnancy specific multi vitamin (Elevit, Blackmores etc.). In many cases extra Folate, Iron, Vitamin D and calcium may be required. Long chain fatty acids can be supplemented with fish oil.

Pregnant women must maintain adequate intake of Folate.

Most women will become iron deficient and will require iron supplements.

One in three women will be vitamin D deficient and many women will be iodine deficient.

There is no way that a pregnant woman can maintain her vitamin and mineral status without supplements.

(Dr. Hatzikostas will provide you with College approved information pamphlets on dietary requirements, food safety, iron demands and weight gain in pregnancy.)