Our Practice and Staff

Dr. Hatzikostas - Obstetrics in Bundoora

Dr Hatzikostas has many years of experience in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Steven has a great depth of experience in managing high-risk pregnancies and general gynaecology and practices medicine strictly following evidence based medicine.

Dr Hatzikostas allocates all patients plenty of time to diagnose, monitor and commence treatment. He acknowledges how necessary and important it is to give patients plenty of time to gain an understanding of their condition by explaining management. He gives patients plenty of time to ask questions regarding any other concerns that they may have.

The only way to maintain a high reputation in Obstetrics is to do all that can be done to deliver a healthy baby and mother.

Gynaecological care is based on proven methods and Dr. Hatzikostas will resort to surgical treatment options if conservative measures fail or are inappropriate.

One problem that many patients may experience with their treating doctor is the speed of their consultations and may have little explanation regarding the diagnosis, implications, management and treatment. Dr. Hatzikostas believes that this is inappropriate.

  • Comfort in proper medical assessment and diagnosis
  • Security in the quality of medical care
  • Reassurance in the provision of many years of medical experience

These are fundamental to the care provided by Dr. Hatzikostas


Obstetrician Medical Staff in Bundoora

Our friendly staff are always happy to take your calls, dealing with all administrative requests promptly and efficiently. Any calls that are medically related will be forwarded to Dr Hatzikostas and he will either answer the call immediately or will return your call at the end of a clinic or surgery.