Pregnancy is an incredible journey. To exclude or prevent certain complications, it is necessary to monitor the pregnancy. Every patient has a different medical history. Therefore, all patients require proper care, regular checkups and obstetric preparation. Early prenatal care helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Care

As soon as you find out you are expecting, it is time to find a caring and experienced obstetrician.This will make sure your antenatal care begins as early as possible. Getting advice and medical care for the healthiest pregnancy possible for you. All antenatal tests can be conducted on time and ensure your baby is getting the right care in utero.

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Complex Pregnancy Care

Complex pregnancies can mean complications that affect a mother’s health, babies health or both. Some women health problems arise during pregnancy, and some have health problems before they become pregnant that could lead to complications. It is essential for women to receive proper health care before and during pregnancy to reduce the pregnancy complications and general health risks.

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Some women have had a previous caesarean section and are keen to try for a vaginal delivery in their next pregnancy. Some of these women have no contra indications to attempting a VBAC. It is important that all these women should be given the chance to achieve a vaginal delivery if they wish. Unfortunately there are also some women who should not consider VBAC because of high risk factors. There arestrict guidelines that need to be followed. These guidelines exist to reduce the risk of serious potential complications associated with VBAC.

Each request for a VBAC needs to be considered on its merits.The risks and benefits will be discussed in detail in every case. If it is planned to proceed with a VBAC a special VBAC consent form needs to be signed.

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Mode of delivery

There are many childbirth delivery options, including vaginal, caesarean and vbac. Women can choose any delivery method that is important to them and suited to their individual medical needs . Vaginal delivery is the most common choice because of its straightforward and uncomplicated process. But depending on previous birth experiences or choices, c-section or vbac may be the preferred choice.

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Postnatal care

Your body needs recovery and rest during the postnatal period to regain its strength and health. Diet and gentle postnatal exercise is essential to maintain optimal health. Adapting to life with a newborn can be physically and mentally overwhelming at times. Postnatal medical care provides the best practice advice and care for women at this time in their lives.

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