Welcome to the practice of Dr Steven Hatzikostas

Dr Steven Hatzikostas is a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with extensive experience in both High Risk Obstetrics and General Gynaecology

He has a long-standing association with the Women’s Hospital where he has worked for two decades and he maintains admitting rights for high-risk pregnancies at The Women’s Hospital.

He has professional connections with Subspecialists in Fetal Maternal Medicine, Neonatology, Genetics and Oncologists at both The Women’s and The Mercy Hospitals in managing complex cases.

Dr. Hatzikostas has background training in internal medicine and practices medicine with a tradition of precision with comprehensive assessment and investigation and treatment of all patients.

Getting to know his patients he offers a personalised program with the highest order of care. Patients can be assured that he will be readily contactable and will always be in attendance for all his patients.

Dr. Hatzikostas has a strong belief in the principle of private care and providing high-quality, relevant information.

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Dr Hatzikostas believes very strongly in providing patients with relevant information pertaining to their condition. This website has been compiled by Dr. Hatzikostas to provide patients with information that they may access before or after any consultation. It may answer questions but may also raise questions that some patients may wish to further explore. If there are any Obstetric or Gynaecological topics that you may wish to read Dr. Hatzikostas is always ready to respond to any such request by updating this site.