Obstetrician in Melbourne


Dr Steven Hatzikostas offers high-quality and personalized care. As a specialist private obstetrician Melbourne, he has strong experience in high-risk pregnancy and general gynaecology. Find a caring and readily accessible obstetrician in Melbourne with Dr Steven Hatzikostas. Vbac friendly obstetrician.

Leading Private Obstetricians in Melbourne

Choosing an obstetrician in Melbourne can be a difficult decision. Dr Steven Hatzikostas has years of experience in obstetrician care for every type of pregnancy and birth, including Vbac, c-section and vaginal delivery. Every female patient is treated with the greatest respect and Dr Steven Hatzikostas is available 24/7 for your care. Call us today for more information

High-Risk Obstetrician Melbourne

Dr Steven Hatzikostas is a specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with extensive experience in both General Gynaecology and High-Risk Obstetrics in Melbourne. With admitting rights to the Women’s Hospital, he has delivered babies from women with high risk pregnancies for over 20 years at the Women’s. If your high risk pregnancy allows delivery at a private hospital, Dr Steven Hatzikostas offers high risk obstetrics care.

OB-GYN Melbourne

Dr Hatzikostas is a caring and compassionate OB-GYN specialist in Melbourne and believes very strongly in providing patients with 24/7 unwavering care. No matter the time of day or week, he is there for you. Dr Steven Hatzikostas is a OB-GYN with over 20 years of experience delivering babies. Whether you have a high-risk pregnancy or looking for a vaginal, vbac or c-section delivery, speak to our practice today.

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Obstetrician Melbourne Northpark Private Hospital

Having a baby is one of the most important and amazing events in your life. Be supported with an experienced and caring private obstetrician. Dr Steven Hatzikostas is an obstetrician at Northpark Private Hospital in Melbourne. During your pregnancy, birth and after care, you are provided with outstanding care and reassuring assistance every step of your journey.

Obstetrician Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne

Dr Steven Hatzikostas is an obstetrician in Melbourne, with over 20 years of experience delivering babies at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Dr Hatzikostas offers high risk pregnancy care and works professional alongside Fetal Maternal Medicine, Neonatology, Genetics and Oncologists at both The Women’s and The Mercy Hospitals in managing complex cases.
If you need an obstetrician at royal women's hospital in Melbourne, get in touch with us and have Dr Steven Hatzikostas take care of you.